2017 RAM 6.7L tows easier

Tyler’s main selling point to his wife for purchasing the Banks Monster-Ram and Boost Tube Upgrade was all about the added protection they’d be getting for the engine by removing the problematic stock grid heater, which is increasingly known to fail and severely damage engines. But he admits that what he was looking forward to was more performance. Since the truck (Nessie to the family), is a daily driver and the tow vehicle for his 35’ travel trailer, he wanted the extra oomph, and judging by his response he got it.

“Banks parts kick ass! I recently installed the Banks Monster-Ram Intake and Boost Tube Upgrade in my 2017 RAM 2500 Cummins. What a difference in throttle response! You can tell she breathes so much better, and the boost tubes are really good quality. I tell people my truck feels more like a leopard than the hippo that she was before. What a dramatic difference. It was well worth the investment to protect the engine from the stock crap-ass grid heater. The unit came with very detailed instructions, and it was no problem for my buddy and me to do the job. And since I took a few days to do the teardown and install, it went very smoothly. It was pretty cut and dry.”

“I’m getting better mileage too! Almost two more miles per gallon, and that’s just city driving. I can’t wait to see what she’ll get when we take our next trip with the trailer.”