2012 – Super Sequential Twin-Turbo Military Marine Engine

Banks Power finishes fabrication on its super twin turbo Monster Truck engine (which you can catch up with starting at the first episode right here.) and readies it for the initial dyno run, but this is hardly Banks’ first foray into twincharged territory. Throughout the years Banks has used supercharging, turbocharging or even the combination of both known as twincharging as a means to create the power needed for specific projects. Call Banks an “equal opportunity forced-induction company.” One such engine was the Duramax-based super twin-turbo engine created for marine use.

In 2012 Banks ran successful tests of its twincharged GM Duramax-based military marine engines off the coast of San Diego, CA. The test boat was equipped with two of the specially built Duramax engines, each equipped with a supercharger and a twin-turbo configuration, positioned side by side (that equals a total of two superchargers and four turbochargers!) and churning out more than 800 horsepower and 1000 foot pounds of torque each. While we’re not allowed to tell you what these boats were destined for, these engines were designed and built to get on plane extremely quick and hold peak power at 4200 RPM for an extended period of time.

To commemorate the Super Turbo engine’s goal-surpassing test, as well as honor all parties involved in the project, a military-style Challenge Coin was minted. One of the first coins was given to Mr. Maho Mitsuya, President and CEO of DMAX LTD (manufacturer of the Duramax engine.)

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