Fan Focus: Matt Getz

2018 L5P 3500 HD Duramax 4×4

To say that Matt Getz is a Banks Fan is an understatement. Where others may have a mixed bag of aftermarket parts on their vehicles, Matt has equipped his 2018 Duramax L5P exclusively with Banks Power product. He bought everything made for his truck (except for the differential cover, that’ll come later). Matt received his 5” Monster ExhaustRam-Air IntakeiDash DataMonster and a Derringer on a Tuesday, and by the next day everything was installed. But what sold him on purchasing everything from one place? “It was the YouTube videos,” says Matt, “Gale is really in-depth with the information about the product and the numbers don’t lie. He impresses me with each video.”

With his truck stock one day and Banks-enhanced the next, did Matt really see a difference? “Everything that I’ve put on my truck has been amazing! Now, I have only had everything for a week, but I can totally tell the difference. The wake up to this truck has been huge!” This isn’t your normal 3500 truck; Matt’s truck has a service body which added a considerable amount of weight to it for a total of 11,000 pounds for the rig alone. “I was worried about the exhaust fitting with the truck’s bed, and I have a large-sized spare tire and airbags, but the Monster Exhaust fit without a single problem or any modification. I’m seeing lower EGTs, and with everything together this truck is a screamer! I don’t feel like there’s even any weight back there.”

Matt uses his truck for both his job and other activities. For his professional activities he works in the printing industry. “I repair printing and die cut equipment. My truck is weighed down with tools and pullers for the various jobs.” There’s also something else that Matt uses the truck for. “I work for Camberg Engineering and tow their race truck. We’re doing a whole thing with this truck soon. Right now, I have Bilstein shocks and airbags in the back, the front has upper control arms from Camberg, larger steering rods, and changing out the front Bilstein’s to Fox shocks soon. There’s other stuff too, but we’re still working out the details.”