2004 Ford F-350 6.0-liter Power Stroke

James Montes bought his stock 2004 Ford F-350 Power Stroke in 2006 with 44,000 miles on it. His first upgrade was the Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover. “I did my research,” says James, “and watched your video showing how the air circulates around your diff cover vs. the flathead covers, and I was convinced right away! It just makes total sense. I went to my buddy who owns Diesel Injection and asked his opinion and he also said how much it made sense, and now HE wants to get the cover for his trucks. In fact, after seeing the video he took off his flatback cover and put his stock differential cover back on.”

He hasn’t pushed the truck, only using it for towing. In the first year that he owned it, Ford replaced the turbo, EGR, and several other things and it was pretty reliable up until about a year ago. Clocking in at 104K on the odometer today, the truck needed some attention so James had the engine “bullet-proofed.” Even though it’s been fortified he’s still pretty happy with its current power level. “I’m not interested in making it spin the tires, because I just use it for towing. I’m adding a Banks Ram-AirHigh-Ram, and exhaust to let it breathe better, and if I want more power I’d get an AutoMind programmer for a little more towing power.”