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Atom is da Bomb! or How to Distort Your Face in Under Three Seconds

I have to tell you all that Ginger Ale is just about my favorite drink… period. It brings back fond memories of days long past. I’ll usually partake in a plastic Dixie cup of Canada Dry’s version of the beverage on business flights, but on recent trip to Oregon I was treated to a Verner’s. Ain’t that a something? I mean I thought that brand went away when I was a kid, at least that’s the way it is in California anyways. Then another blast from the past… I got on a plane with propellers. Yes folks, the futuristic world of the 21st Century is here… and without the flying cars, robot butlers, an Astro-Base on the Moon or the rocket-pack I was promised as a boy. Airplanes still have propellers.

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Banks Sidewinder S10

Banks Sidewinder S10 Diesel Drag Pickup Truck

The Quickest & Fastest: 7.77 E.T. @ 180.00 mph. The Banks Sidewinder S-10 Duramax pickup was entered in the Top Diesel Class at the NHRDA World Finals on September 25-26, 2010 in Topeka, Kansas. Driver Wes Anderson clicked off a 7.77-second pass.

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Leno’s Turbo Tank

More of an art project that a real car … check out one the most famous vehicles in Jay’s collection … Ever see the Blastolene? Built by

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Road-Racing Diesels

Diesels are coming fast, and Gale Banks wants to lead the charge Transmission This is all race dress. After a lot of trial and error, Banks settled

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