Banks Brake on ’03 Chevrolet Silverado

We asked Kevin Reardon if the Banks Brake he purchased for his ’03 Silverado worked well. His response was, “If it didn’t work I wouldn’t be talking to you now! I’ve driven the same downhill without the Banks Brake. By the time I’m at the bottom, my truck is doing 80 mph. The trailer only has drum brakes, and you can burn those up really quickly if you use them hard. It’s a very scary thing!”

“We had our first real test leaving Monument Valley for MOAB with 8% grades and a bunch of ‘S’ curves. First, I did it with just the pickup, and let me tell you, it was scary So, I purchased the Banks Brake, and off we went with our camper. I did exactly what the instructions said and flipped the switch and it throttled right down and kept a comfortable speed all the way through the downhill stretch. My wife and I were amazed, not just how well it kept our nerves under control but that we bought a product that actually worked the way it was supposed to! No matter the grade we went down it did great. I just can’t say enough about it!”