Dana 80 Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover

The rate of the rapid succession to which the Banks engineering team is developing new applications for the patented Ram-Air Differential Covers is truly impressive. Having made its official launch at the 2019 SEMA Show for the American Axle rear ends used in both Ram and GM offerings it will be joined by several other covers by the time the next show rolls around.

Dana 80 Ram-Air Diff Cover testing

The latest cover to be designed and test fitted is for the Dana 80 rear axle. Designed in CAD and tested for air and fluid flow dynamics in simulations, the plastic prototype cover was recently test fitted on a truck at the Banks campus. With the complete rear end scanned, the engineering team can accurately produce the cover with precision fitment. Once approved, the molds will be made so that production can begin making it available before the end of the year.

Dana 80 Ram-Air Diff Cover CAD