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Moving iDash to Eye-Level

William Johnson is a Toyota Tacoma enthusiast passionate about optimizing his truck’s performance. He leverages data insights and aftermarket parts to achieve a smoother, more powerful driving experience.

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Gale Banks on Donut Media!

Hilarious Diesel Fails Analyzed by Mechanics! Donut Media’s “Real Mechanic Stuff”

Can’t stop laughing at those diesel truck mishaps online? Donut Media’s new series, “Real Mechanic Stuff,” takes it to the next level! Join respected mechanics as they dissect and explain epic diesel fails in a side-splitting way. It’s 16 minutes of pure entertainment (and learning!) you won’t want to miss.

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Doug Fisher’s Mangled RAM Piston

Save Your Engine! Avoid Catastrophic RAM 2500 Grid Heater Bolt Failure

This guide details a common, yet critical RAM 2500 issue: grid heater bolt failure. Learn how to prevent this costly engine disaster and the steps to take if it happens to you.

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Ultimate Callout Challenge Champ

Ken’s Cummins-Powered RAM conquers Dyno and Drag Strip with Massive Power and Data-Driven Performance

This press release highlights Ken’s impressive achievements with his Cummins 6.7L-powered RAM truck, showcasing his dominance in dyno pulls and 1/8-mile drag races.

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Oil Cooler Helps Hot Rodder Keep Cool

This isn’t the first time Milledge Davis has brought his Chevy to the Banks Installation Facility. His truck has already been outfitted with just about everything Banks offers, and this is probably the final component for his ultimate tow rig.

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Engineering in 60 Seconds!

Unleash Power & Protect Your Engine: 3 Must-Watch Gale Banks Video Shorts!

Get insider tips from the Godfather of Turbocharging himself, Gale Banks! In these short, impactful videos, Banks dives deep into critical topics for diesel enthusiasts

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No More L5P Turbo Surge!

Stop Turbo Surge & Boost Power with Banks Monster-Ram for Duramax L5P!

Is your aftermarket intake causing turbo problems? This owner story details how the Banks Monster-Ram intake horn eliminated turbo surge and improved performance in a 2017-2024 Duramax L5P.

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2024 Tacoma iDash Stealth Pod

Unlock your 2024 Toyota Tacoma’s full potential with iDash. The new Tacoma is a beast, but Toyota left out crucial engine data. iDash reveals vital stats like real-time horsepower, torque, and pressure points, giving you the edge. Our sleek Stealth Pod seamlessly integrates into your Tacoma’s interior for a clean, factory look. Upgrade your ride and dominate the road with iDash.

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Adding Pep to Duramax 3.0L

Want to unleash the hidden power in your truck? Banks PedalMonster eliminates throttle lag and sluggish acceleration, giving you instant on-demand power. Buddy Wayne says his 2023 Silverado feels totally different – “woke up” in his words! The PedalMonster also lets you fine-tune the power delivery for a perfect driving experience. Check out PedalMonster and Banks iDash SuperGauge to take your truck to the next level.

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Bolt Proofing At Banks

Upgrade Your RAM 2500 for Power, Efficiency, & Towing with Banks Power!

Washington resident Ty Thompson makes the trek to Banks PowerHouse for a performance boost. This customer story highlights how Banks Power products can enhance your RAM truck’s capabilities, both on and off-road.

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