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3.0L Duramax Power on the Way

The Banks Engineering Team is developing the next generation of Derringer tuner applications, starting with GM’s 3.0L Duramax. The engineers, seen here intercepting and logging vital parameters,

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Bronco Gets More Giddy Up

In a recent video, Dmaxryno and his pal Zach installed a PedalMonster and iDash in his 2021 Bronco project vehicle. He’s familiar with competitors’ throttle boosters and the trouble codes and

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Performance and Economy? YES!

Oliver from the YouTube channel Ooman recently posted a video reviewing his fuel economy data with his Banks Ram-Air Intake, Derringer and PedalMonster installed. The results were taken from a trip where he drove

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2019-22 RAM 6.7L Boost Tubes

Banks Boost-Tubes for the 2019-22 RAM 6.7L Cummins liberate horsepower by improving engine efficiency. Removing stock restrictions increases mass airflow. This denser air allows the engine to maintain

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Speed School with Gale Banks

Speed School Podcast

Gale Banks, the Godfather of turbocharging, shares over 75 years of automotive engineering know-how in this educational and entertaining audio series. From gearing for top speed to

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