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A Tribute to Wally Parks

Wally Parks was a friend to thousands, and I am pleased to have been numbered among them. His gentlemanly demeanor was an example that I have tried hard to emulate in my career. His sense of humor was always a pleasant surprise. His leadership was the stuff of legend. In my life I have had few heroes…but Wally Parks was one of them.

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The Re-Education of a “Gearhead”

Last Friday (really my “first day on the job”, even though I had only come in to fill out some employment papers), I was invited to sit in on meeting with Gale Banks and a number of members of the engineering staff.

My (just-bestowed an hour earlier) title is the lofty “Corporate Publicist” and so, I was pleased to be asked to be a part of the action so soon after signing on with the company.

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I’m ready for my close-up or Alpha Male sighting

Hollywood is at it again: they’re filming a movie in my neighborhood, but down the street from me. So close, yet so far away. The movie and television companies always seem to do this to me… they tease me knowing full well that I was meant to be immortalized on screen. I personally think that they’re afraid of my vast talent. I mean, why else would I always get picked from the audience at one of those shows at Universal Studios? I do a mean falling off a building, and I was even a “Red Shirt” fighting a Klingon in a Star Trek stage show once. I have the VHS tape to prove it.

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Atom is da Bomb! or How to Distort Your Face in Under Three Seconds

I have to tell you all that Ginger Ale is just about my favorite drink… period. It brings back fond memories of days long past. I’ll usually partake in a plastic Dixie cup of Canada Dry’s version of the beverage on business flights, but on recent trip to Oregon I was treated to a Verner’s. Ain’t that a something? I mean I thought that brand went away when I was a kid, at least that’s the way it is in California anyways. Then another blast from the past… I got on a plane with propellers. Yes folks, the futuristic world of the 21st Century is here… and without the flying cars, robot butlers, an Astro-Base on the Moon or the rocket-pack I was promised as a boy. Airplanes still have propellers.

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Smile, You’re on Candid Camera or You Tubed

Some of you nice folks have been asking me “why the heck haven’t you written anything lately?”. The answer: aside from the massive amount of things I have to do on a daily basis… I’ve had writer’s block. I mean I have plenty of ideas for cleaver, witty and informative blogs, but getting the time to write is almost impossible. Whenever I do get a chance to get in front of a keyboard to input my tails of wonder I get a blank stare and frozen finger syndrome. It’s kinda like vapor-lock of the brain. But, with the help of ancient medicine, leeches, voodoo and vitamins I’m on the road to recovery. So here it goes…

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Customer Q&A #3 (with Peter Treydte, Banks’ Director of Technical Communications)

Your information has been most helpful. A couple of more questions.
1. How does Ford treat the “Six-Gun and Speed-Loader” re warranty issues?
2. Are any of the 6 settings optimized for Towing and or Economy? If not, which one’s would be best for those applications?
3. Since I think you are getting more power by increasing the fuel, how are you getting better mileage at the same time?
Read on for the answers…

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