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Diesel World April 2014

Banks’ New Cummins 12-Valve Power Package

When the subject of the 12-valve Cummins comes up, words like “bulletproof,” “simple” and “reliable” are often used in the same sentence. The fact that the 12-valve has such good bones explains why it’s a favorite of tuners, racers and engine swappers alike. Why? It’s a simple design that can be inexpensively upgraded to produce big power. Since it’s mostly a mechanical engine, relying on the proven Bosch P7100 fuel pump, electronics are minimal and working with mechanical upgrades that are bulletproof has been proven over the years.

No surprise then, that Gale Banks of Banks Power wanted to add more 12-valve options to the company’s extensive line of diesel power adders. “We had planned to do that for some time, but didn’t have access to an engine,” he admitted. After locating a semi-stock ’96 Dodge with the 12-valve, the Banks procedure was put in place: repeated testing and documentation so you can back up what you offer with solid documentation.

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