Why a Blog?

John and Polly, accompanied by another TDR couple in their own pickup, drove down from northern Nevada the day before, taking the Montgomery Pass over the Sierras and stopping in Bishop for lunch. The next morning John and Polly parked their new 2002 Dodge, complete with Banks PowerPack and Brake and all of John’s owner-installed accessories, in the Show-N-Shine area, and then wandered off to look at the other trucks and enjoy the show. Judging was of the “People’s Choice” variety, with trophies being given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, overall, in the show. When the votes were tallied and the trophies were presented at 2:00, guess who got handed the big one? Yep, John and Polly. You can bet they enjoyed that day. And that’s not at all shabby for a truck that drives on dirt roads on the ranch and traveled hundreds of miles to get to the show. Yes, John, I guess your new Dodge is a “magnificent manure mover,” as you say.