Waking up a Challenger V6

John Labante’s choice for the right throttle controller was completely clear after his due diligence. “When I started researching a throttle booster for my 2021 Dodge Challenger V6, I saw a lot of guys swearing by Pedal Commander, and then at the same time, I read about all of the problems that they had with loss of their throttle and a slew of check engine lights. The videos are out there! It took me some searching before I came across Banks’ PedalMonster. Those MOPAR forum guys need to be enlightened about it!”

“And here’s another thing,” continues Cody. “When you go on Facebook marketplace and you see dozens of used Pedal Commanders up for sale you have to think that there’s something wrong. If you do a search for the PedalMonster and don’t see one for sale… that’s telling you people are holding onto them. Why would people pay so much money for something, and then just turn around and sell it? It means they’re dissatisfied.

“I love that I can control it with an app on my phone. It makes the installation completely stealthy. I usually run it on SPORT level 3. It just made the car come alive, and the tranny feels better. The downshifts are just crisper. It’s easy to use and just works brilliantly.”