Teacher Schools On iDash

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John Skarl of VenomRebel 2020 shares the five things that he likes the most about the iDash DataMonster, and shows just how easy it is to install and set up. His vehicle of choice is a 2020 Ram Rebel 1500 5.7L Hemi, of which the channel is named after. He’s been chronicling the various modifications since he purchased it three years ago.

One of the features John likes about the iDash is how he’s able to control the PedalMonster directly from the gauge, and how quickly he can make changes to the levels. “It allows you to swap it out if you give yourself too much juice, you can easily adjust it, or go back to stock. I also like the ability to set warning lights for anything, whether I’m watching it on the gauge or not.” The iDash’s ability to scan and clear codes is also something that John appreciates. “It’s about knowing what’s going on with my truck rather than leaving it up to a repair shop to tell me.” But the crown jewel of the DataMonster is its ability to record data so he can look at it later. “Once you set it to log, it records all of the data you. You can record up to 100 pressures, temps, speeds, etc. It records onto an SD card and is easily viewable on datalogviewer.com, a Banks’ free web-based analysis tool.”

John is an academic professor at a local vocational school. “I teach a college option called College Credit Plus (CCP) to high school juniors and seniors. I’m trying to make something that I wish I had when I started out modding my truck. I try to be a man of all seasons and try to gain as much knowledge so that I can pass it along to my students. I found Banks after listening to the Truck Show Podcast. Looking at Gale and what he’s done, inspires me. His approach to mechanical engineering, just the kind of academic ethos that he brings to his videos and company, that’s what I look up to.” While John says some pretty complimentary things about Gale, you have to give him some kudos too. In addition to his day job, he makes entertaining how-to-videos of which the revenue generated is donated to the Special Olympics of Ohio.