Tyson Broome: YouTuber with workplaytv

As the PedalMonster grows in popularity more and more people want to feel what it can do for them and their ride. Tyson Broome, YouTuber with his own channel called “workplaytv” was excited to get his hands on one and try it for himself. “I didn’t go with the Pedal Commander because some guys have had problems,” Tyson explains. “Some guys have had problems with ‘dead-pedal’. A lot of the other units when they have problems when they don’t work properly, they have dead-pedal, basically, your truck has no power what-so-ever. With this one here, just like the Derringer, if you lose power, you go back to stock. There are fail-safes. You can use this thing to have a lot of fun, or you can use it to enhance daily driving. You can use it however you want. There are so many settings.”

Tyson remarked on his video at the ease of which the PedalMonster is installed. “I didn’t even bother to record the install because it’s so freak’n easy!” He then demonstrated the PedalMonster’s various adjustments and the changes it made while driving around town and getting on the freeway, both unloaded and towing, and was completely impressed. “This thing is fun, and this stuff works! The hype is real! I absolutely love this for towing. It feels so crisp! It just makes the towing experience, starting and stopping up hills, feel that much better!”

Tyson finished his review sating with all certainty “Driving empty was great, but towing was even better!”