Two Guys Garage Explains Banks Ford 6.0 Bundle

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Back in the 2000s, Banks products were featured on a variety of “how-to-install” shows. One such show was Two Guys Garage. Banks products were featured a number of times, but one, in particular, brought up some great points. Then hosts Sam Memmolo and Dave McBride said some important things while installing a Banks Big Hoss Bundle on a Ford Power Stroke 6.0L.

“The neat part about this is that it’s a bundle,” Said Sam, “designed and tested to all work together. And of course, if you put it all together you know exactly what’s going to happen. You have everything you need, and it’s all engineered by one company.”

Co-host Dave continued with “If you try to buy individual pieces and you have a problem you start calling hotlines you start having all kinds of problems. They’re probably pointing fingers at each other.”

Sam responded, “You got one person to call with a great tech-line to help you out.” That still holds true today. All the products you need under one roof, and just one source to call if you need any assistance.