Swimming at the Boat Show or Taking the Marine Engine Plunge

Well, it’s been a long time coming but we finally were there: the Miami International Boat Show. Well… we visited the thing for a few years in a row as a guest of General Motors, but this year we were on display and officially showing off our marinized Duramax diesel engine which we will be testing soon.

Reaction to our latest engine offering ranges from very favorable to excited, and we couldn’t be more happy. Three words were mostly used by many at the show to describe the engine: “interesting”, “brilliant” and “cool”. This engine offering has been a long time coming in both its availability and that it marks the return of Banks to the open seas. It surprised even us when General Motors first came to us a few years ago and asked us if we’d be interested in working on their first-class Duramax diesel engine. After many meetings (both face to face and on the phone) the agreements are signed and after a “momentary” absence we’re ready to make a “splash”.

Many don’t realize just how involved we once were in the marine industry, so it comes as a shock the house of automotive aftermarket scientists would know what we’re doing when it comes to producing a proper engine for boat usage. Those who are familiar with the fact we once ruled the seas… well they are the guys who “remember when” and couldn’t help but have that stupid smile on their faces.

You know the one, the kind that a boy would get after his father hands him a book of matches on the 4th of July and says “take over lighting the family fireworks, you’re old enough.” Look at yourself in the mirror right now… Yeah, that’s the one!

Behind the engine in our booths was a “super-graphic” of some Banks marine history: ads, competition boats and milestones. Pretty awesome when you look at it, and there’s plenty more history that wasn’t up there. I mean come on, you can only put so much in a booth. Trust me, the years of experience are there… and that winning and powerful soul will be in every engine we build. Soon you folks will be treated to lots of videos of us building engines… and making waves. Stay tuned, there is way more to come!

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