SUPER-TURBO DURAMAX DYNO READY: Building A Monster Truck Engine Pt 11

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We killed the internet last week with the latest episode of Building a Monster Truck Engine Pt 11 racking up 1.2 million views on Facebook in just two days! In the episode, Gale gives a tour of the supercharged twin-turbo 7-liter Duramax just before rolling it into the dyno cell. He explains the front-drive assembly and the expected power output. In the comments, we’re seeing a lot of people asking why the supercharge is necessary. Why not just two turbos? That’s easy. Turbos have a lag. That’s why we got the call from Dave Sparks. The supercharger provides the snappy throttle response and the turbos will get us to 1300 horsepower. Stay tuned for more on this amazing engine.