State of the Automotive Industry

Gale Banks returns to The Truck Show Podcast to share his take on the state of the automotive industry. He discusses where he thinks the aftermarket is headed from his perspective as one of the last original owners. The Truck Show is the most popular truck enthusiast podcast on the internet. The series is hosted by veteran automotive journalist and avid 4-wheeler Sean Holman, and Banks Brand Manager and former radio host, Jay “Lightning” Tilles. It’s not your normal truck podcast.

The state of the auto industry includes the Banks PedalMonster.

Sean asked what’s Gale’s favorite Banks product now, to no one’s surperise, his answer is the PedalMonster. The throttle booster fits most vehicles and provides a state of fun. As the brand manager, Jay gets to see tons of reaction videos from customers after they add the PedalMonster. He explains, “it makes grown men giggle!”

Banks has always been an innovator in the automotive industry and continues to grow as of January 2023. Gale keeps the brand relevant and growing just by asking himself what he wants for his driving experience.

The Truck Show had Gale on as a guest eight times before this appearance. Go back and give them a listen. Afterwards, if you like what you hear, give them a review and subscribe.