Avery Mufflers: A Well-Kept Secret

Located off a tree and shrub-framed road in Sonora, California is a gem worth finding: Avery Mufflers. It’s a family-owned shop run by Corey Avery, who started there as an employee after his father bought the business. “I started in 1984, a few years after my dad bought the business. I learned a lot from him, and also became a self-taught mechanic. The shop we originally had was a lot smaller than what we have now. We relocated to a larger facility in 2001 after Caltrans forced us out of the first building we were in because they were building a new highway. It was a blessing, actually.” 

Avery Mufflers exterior of the shop

Avery Mufflers is more than its namesake. “We set up trucks to tow, be it something small like adding hitches all the way to adding more power. I’ve been a Banks dealer for about 23 years, and it’s a product I’ve always looked towards for its value. I appreciate the amount of research that goes into their products. Customers are actually getting what they’re paying for when it comes to advertised performance, which means I don’t have any second thoughts about what I’m selling.

Avery Mufflers
19390 Industrial Dr.
Sonora, CA 95370
(209) 532-4611