Son Installs Dad’s First Upgrade

All upgrades that you do to your vehicle need to start somewhere, and for Cody Campell’s father’s 2007 Ford 6.0L it was the Monster Exhaust. “Oh man,” Cody exclaimed. “The Monster Exhaust is a must for a 6.0L. I bought and installed this for my dad as a Christmas gift, and he loved it! It sounds better and isn’t loud, but you can tell it’s there when you step on the throttle. It helped with acceleration and brought EGTs down some. The fuel mileage seems to be a little better too. He says that he’s noticed an additional 2 mpg. Overall, this exhaust does everything it says it will.

“As for myself, I have about everything Banks makes on my 2019 RAM 2500. I have the Ram-Air Intake, the Monster-Ram intake horn, the Boost Tube upgrades, and the Ram-Air Diff Cover. I also have a tune, and the Banks stuff just makes it better. It will flat-out go! Plus, I can get 22-24 mpg driving it easy. Even with the stock tuning, it was much better, the intake horn with the high-flow billet intake plate is worth its weight in gold.”