Banks Diesel Hybrid HMMWV Success

During the company’s most recent staff lunch, Gale Banks personally handed a Banks Diesel Hybrid HMMWV challenge coin to each team member who contributed to the groundbreaking project. These special commemorative coins celebrate the achievements in electrical and mechanical engineering, fabrication, test, procurement, and marketing departments.

Banks’ 65+ years of expertise with internal combustion engine technology, electrical engineering, and computer science, has made the company a powerhouse in diesel hybrid technology.

Those who’ve served in the military or worked for the Defense Department know what a challenge coin represents. They’ve been an American military tradition for a century, meant to instill unit pride, improve esprit de corps, and reward hard work and excellence. The embossing on the front of the Banks coin reads, “Redefining Military Performance.” The back describes the engine and team who designed and built it; “Banks D630TH (D-diesel, 6-cylinder, 3-liter, T-turbo, H-hybrid) Turbo Hybrid Development Team.”

The Banks Diesel Hybrid HMMWV is currently undergoing rigorous testing at the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground. Stay tuned for a video detailing this amazing modernization of an old war hero.