Smile, You’re on Candid Camera or You Tubed

While looking through my hard drive for things to write about I found videos… lots and lots of videos. I’m thinking that most of you folks out there haven’t seen any of them, which is pretty selfish of us at Banks for holding on to such gems. Being the giving man that I am I had to find a way to share this newfound bounty with the world, so I turned to the magic of the Internet. Enter YouTube. A place where I can find anything from clips of the latest episodes of a Japanese soap opera, an informative piece on potato cannons, or videos of funny-looking people talking into a camera about… I am dunno. The thing is you can also find lots of good stuff, like my videos. I’ve been putting up old episodes of various shows we’ve been on, tests on our product and others, racing events, and really whatever I can get away with. Some folks have even subscribed to my channel to get the latest on what I’m putting up… which is kinda freaky since I really haven’t told anyone that I’ve been doing this. Makes me think that I should wear that ball cap again with the patch of tinfoil so the satellites won’t read my thoughts.

Some of you nice folks have been asking me “why the heck haven’t you written anything lately?” The answer: aside from the massive amount of things I have to do on a daily basis… I’ve had writer’s block. I mean I have plenty of ideas for a cleaver, witty and informative blog, but getting the time to write is almost impossible. Whenever I do get a chance to get in front of a keyboard to input my tails of wonder I get a blank stare and frozen finger syndrome. It’s kinda like vapor-lock of the brain. But, with the help of ancient medicine, leeches, voodoo, and vitamins I’m on the road to recovery. So here it goes…

Anyways… if you tune in, subscribe or read my thoughts about my videos you should be entertained. In the meantime… I’ll think of more to write.

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