Slowpoke Jeep No More

We spoke recently to Mark about what Banks upgrades he’s done to his 2013 Jeep Wrangler to stop it from being a slowpoke. “I started off with a Banks AutoMind programmer and loaded up the performance program. Love the hell out of it! The speedometer was correct for my larger tires, get gobs more power, and some better mileage.” 

iDash and PedalMonster help this Jeep stop being a slowpoke

“When I would go out with our group and we’d hit the highway they’d all just take off and leave me in the dust. I couldn’t ever figure out what was wrong with my Jeep. I  started reading about how the manufacturers programmed the throttle to only give you maybe ¾ of the actual throttle. Throttle boosters were the next thing. What I didn’t like is if it failed it would leave the Jeep with a dead pedal and me trying to get to the side of the road. That’s unacceptable, especially since my dad also drives this vehicle. I learned that Banks had solved the dead pedal problem with the PedalMonster.

Let me tell you, the results were ridiculous! Before I’d get on the highway and stay in the slow lane until I got up to the speed. Now that’s a thing of the past.”

Banks PedalMonster takes this Jeep from Slowpoke to no joke

“The PedalMonster is being controlled by iDash, and I’m so impressed by what I’m able to see with it! I can set it to see everything I need to see and know exactly what temperature my Jeep is running. Oh, and my friend has the Ultimate 9 for his ride. But he’s going to take it off and get the iDash and PedalMonster because of tunability, safety features, and info. We both couldn’t be more impressed.”

Banks helped this Jeep go from slowpoke to a blast to drive.