Shipped Monster-Rams for RAM 6.7L

Our FedEx driver wasn’t thrilled with the influx of packages this week… We shipped a few hundred Monster-Ram intake systems to anxious ’07-’22 RAM 6.7L owners with almost double that number headed out next week.

The Monster-Ram has shipped!

The Monster-Ram improves mass air flow by 88.3% over stock! The result is a more responsive, power-efficient engine. The included High-Flow Billet Intake Plate replaces the restrictive factory grid heater for unrestricted airflow. Cold starts are aided by our coil-style heater mounted vertically inside the Monster-Ram. This eliminates the dreaded grid heater bolt failure known to kill engines.

If you have not ordered a Monster-Ram for your RAM yet, check out this video if you need more persuasion. Allan from Precision Transmission drove all the way from Amarillo, TX to get every product Banks offers for his RAM. His main reason was for the Banks products to get better mileage while keeping his emissions systems intact. Allan also likes that everything you need to install the intake manifold is in the box.

Many customers praise Banks for the performance boost and fuel efficiency they are getting from the Monster-Ram. If you have ordered yours, then get excited because it has shipped! Don’t forget to tag us and give us a review.