Runaway RAM Gets Saved by Banks

Andy installed a Pedal Commander in his 2019 RAM 1500. He just wanted to get rid of the 5.7-liter’s sluggish acceleration. But what he got was a truly dangerous situation instead when his truck became a runaway RAM. “The ordeal was pretty bad. Both my wife and I were on our way to work, with her at the wheel. We were passing through a school zone when she took her foot off the pedal, and all the lights on the dash started to come on. Error after error code flashed on the dash, and at the same time accelerator pedal sunk to the floor and the truck started taking off on us. No foot on the throttle, but the truck just kept gaining speed quickly. She had to slam both of her feet on the brake pedal, hold it down, and shut the truck off. This happened towards the second school entrance, with kids crossing the street!”

The reason why the runaway RAM ran away

Why the Runaway RAM Ran Away

The problem was that Pedal Commander draws power from the low-overhead pedal circuit. This circuit isn’t designed to power any module other than the pedal itself! 

How Banks Saved the RAM

Andy reached out to Pedal Commander for assistance, but couldn’t get a hold of anyone. He was contacted with instructions on how to unhook his batteries and reset his system. “I’m not going to play with something and have some poor kid pay for faulty parts with their life! I took it off immediately, and a few months later I found the PedalMonster.”

How Banks saved the runaway RAM

“I’ve been familiar with Banks since I was a kid, and it’s well-known in the automotive industry. You can’t go wrong with a company that has been in business that long. Connecting to the OBDII for constant power—everything Banks does with the PedalMonster just makes sense, and it WORKS! I have not had a single problem, and with Banks, I don’t expect to ever have one.”