R&D Update: Thermocouples and Sensors

Here at Banks you can never have too much instrumentation, because having the data for product development is king. After carefully looking over the installed sensors it was decided to fully instrument every part of the cooling system, intake, manifolding and other components so that once completed the data-gathering system will give Banks critical information. Pressure differential sensors and additional thermocouples will give design engineers exact measurements pre and post components allowing for the ability to accurately see the differences in flow and temperature between stock, Banks and competitive products.

In the photo above, the sensors mounted horizontally along the top are pressure transducers; they measure air pressure at various locations of the engine’s system. The vertical row of sensors are differential pressure sensors. These each have two tubes on them. They measure the difference in air pressure between two points. The round sensor near the center of the photo is an anemometer. It measures airflow through the heat exchanger stack.