An Asphalt Chomping Tiburon

PhilAm isn’t your typical Banks customer. Instead of owning a diesel truck or a Jeep, he owns two rather customized Hyundai Tiburons, an ’07 and an ’08. One is currently awaiting a race-prepped engine, while the other is already primed and ready for the streets sporting a fully-built supercharged engine. “Tiburons are pretty rare,” explains PhilAm, “and I really like the way they look. They were conceived by a Ferrari designer, so they have a good pedigree.”

PhilAm not only did the modifications himself, but he also did the tuning as well. “I’m running an AEM engine management system. I made the tune with a little time on the dyno, and a WHOLE lot of time on the streets.”

When it comes to knowing information about tuning, he needed gauges. Looking at Banks for the gauges he needed he came across the iDash DataMonster but he was a little hesitant about making the purchase. “Banks is well known for all the truck performance parts,” he explained, “and I didn’t see anything about tuner cars. I had my eye on the iDash for about a year, but I didn’t take the plunge until I called up and spoke to one of the sales guys.” Timid about taking the chance on the iDash, PhilAm bought several standard gauges before purchasing Banks. “I should have just gone ahead and bought one because now I have one gauge that takes the place of all my other gauges. And I love the shift light feature, too!

PhilAm likes the iDash so much that he’s considering buying another. “Now I’m thinking of getting another one with some of the Banks sensors and replacing my old dash gauges with the pair if iDashes.”

With the addition of the iDash, it’s probably safe to say PhilAm now knows more about his car than 99% of all other Tiburon owners.