The Diesel Shop

Enrique Gonzalez opened up The Diesel Shop in 2011 after building race cars and performance trucks for other people for nearly a decade. “Actually… I’ve been doing this sort of thing since I was 14, working on race cars,” he clarified. “I focused mostly on rotary engines back then.” These days he focuses exclusively on diesel truck service and customization. “I do a lot of installs, custom stuff and repair. Anything that has to do with a diesel pickup truck I’m going to do it right here.”

Customers can count on Enrique to do some pretty radical upgrades to their trucks. “I have a customer’s truck in here right now that I put all Banks parts on,” says Enrique, “and then I upgraded all the other parts that Banks doesn’t sell. The truck now has over 700 hp, a custom lift and is a daily driver. This is the second truck that the customer had me work on. He said he wanted this truck to be a monster truck, but ride like a Cadillac. Those were the specs that he gave me. I asked him what his budget was, and he said, ‘I have no budget, just do it.’” That’s the kind of customer every shop owner wants.

When asked about customer satisfaction Enrique replied with pride “My reviews are pretty good. It’s not all about making money off of people. I try to do the best that I can, and I really enjoy what I do.” It shows, and Enrique’s great reputation for performance builds and honest work keeps customers looking to him for their dream rides.

The Diesel Shop
1569 NW 88 AvenueDoral, Fl. 33172