Raven Diesel Performance

At the heart of Raven Diesel Performance are brothers Oscar and Alex Cardenas. “We’ve been gearheads since the beginning,” said Alex. “We have our father to thank for that since we basically grew up at a race track.” Their father used to race motorcycles, and that love for machines infected his boys.

Interior of Raven Diesel Performance

“We were into anything on wheels. So, we decided to try our hand at having a shop and wanted to see if it would take off. We’ve definitely grown since we opened up in 2011. We used to be in a little gas station that was built in the ’40s, and 4 years later we moved into the warehouse that we operate out of now. We specialize in Cummins, Power Stroke, and Duramax. We’ll do just about anything, except body work… but we’ve got a guy for that if need be. We try to be a one-stop-shop.”

So where did the name “Raven Diesel Performance” come from? “We sat for literally a week trying to figure out what our shop’s name would be, just throwing things out there and seeing if they stuck. Oscar already had the logo that we wanted, a turbo with wings, so we tried to get something that fits. When we came up with Raven we sat on it for a couple of days, and it just worked.”

“We first got into Banks back when we had a race truck running an old Cummins. We installed a Twin-Ram intake and loved what it did for the performance. We love the R&D behind all of the products! One thing I’m really big on is fitment, and Banks has always had great fitment. It just fits right and works great!”

Raven Diesel Performance
2495 Lakeside Dr.
Las Cruces, NM 88005
(575) 571-1525