“Rapid Transit”, Banks Blown 870S 427ci Stroker Dmax!

Here’s some mug shots of our upcoming 7-liter supercharged, nitrous and water injected drag race engine.

Gale Banks

Gale Banks 870S Blown 427″ Duramax. A variety of Superchargers from a 4-liter Whipple Screw to an 8-71 GMC will be evaluated, the Whipple is shown.

Gale Banks 427″ Drag Dmax. The sound of the zoomies is like no Dmax you have ever heard! It’s a very Bad Ass Motor.

Banks Sidewinder displayed at the entrance of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum at the Pomona Track. If you’re in LA and you don’t see this place then you’ve missed the gear head experience of the decade!