Ram-Air Diff Cover for Ford Sterling Axles

Our new patented Ram-Air rear diff cover fits 1985-2020 Ford Sterling 12-bolt axles with 10.25/10.5 ring gear. Not only does it make filling and draining easier with angled fill-port and magnetic drain plug, but it features a sight glass with contrast screen so you can see the oil level even if it’s clear! And for those who want to keep an eye on differential temps, it has a 1/8″ NPT port for installing a temp sensor. However, the real benefit is its ability to outcool the stock stamped steel cover and all flat-back aftermarket covers. And, you can order it with 4 quarts of AMSOIL INC. Severe Gear Oil. Click for details and data. 🏁

Does it fit my Ford truck? 
That’s a great question and honestly, you’re the only one with the answer. Since 2011, Ford has consistently used the Sterling 12-bolt axle housing. But to complicate things, they also used Dana axles. To quickly find out which axle housing you have, click on the images below to expand them. Compare the measurements of your stock cover to the diagram. You’ll know right away if it’ll fit. Sterling and Dana covers look very different.