Proformance Diesel

Proformance Diesel in Bakersfield, CA started in 2014 with a 5,000 sq. ft. building, three bays, and two employees. In 2018, they moved to a facility that is quadruple in size… and have already started plans to expand even further due to demand and increased workflow.

Concentrating on General Motors products, namely the L5P and anything with an LS gasoline-based engine in it, Proformance manager Dylan Fox and his techs can really take on any job on any vehicle. Proformance currently has 7 bays, but that’s not enough for the volume of trucks that they’re putting out. They also have a dyno they use to run customer’s vehicles to ensure that the product is giving all the power they invested in. Every performance product is put through this test, showing power numbers and making tweaks if needed and getting the best performance out of every truck that comes into the shop.

Dylan takes pride in the fact that Proformance is also a one-stop-shop for all of their customers’ needs; offering routine maintenance for individual trucks and fleets, to suspension mods and engine work. They can even produce one-off trucks like their current project vehicle for a customer: a Chevy C10 with a Duramax swap in it. Dylan says that they’re even getting into the UTV and off-road market as well as installing performance upgrades.

Due to their expertise and attention to detail, vehicles from all parts of the world have been sent to them for modification. The technicians at Proformance are often able to help owners get their trucks sorted out after they have been to other shops and not received necessary support… or the performance they were promised. “A lot of companies are putting out a product and simply not backing it as they should,” Dylan explains, “and we will dig into trucks and get them fixed correctly. It’s pretty sad that people in this industry often don’t stand behind their work or product.” Dylan went on to talk about his experience with Banks and Banks products: “we stock Banks and recommend the product to a lot of our customers because they do what they say, and we’ve proven it on our own dynos. The Banks reps have been great to deal with and quickly respond to any questions. It gives us a feeling that we have a personal relationship with the company, and we’re proud to sell the product.”

Proformance Diesel
12625 Jomani Dr. Ste 105Bakersfield, CA 93312