Power and Longevity, Not Bling

Anass Zaher loves his 2020 RAM 2500. The 6.7L Cummins-powered beast is a daily driver that is used to tow his modified Jeep rock crawler, tow his boat, or 28-foot camping trailer. “I saw the Banks products in a couple of other trucks,” recalled Anass, “but I just thought it was for aesthetics. When I did some digging, I thought to myself that the Banks stuff for my truck sounded pretty serious. I found the articles and videos on the grid heater bolt failure, and I found it very concerning. I asked around and was told by various people in forums and shops that if I wanted my truck to last 500,000 miles without issues, I needed the Monster-Ram

“I paid a lot of money for this truck, and I totally love it, but I also don’t want to throw $30,000 at an engine rebuild, the smart thing to do was to buy Monster-Ram intake. Despite the online recommendations, I was still skeptical. But I bit the bullet and had one installed. I got to see the rest of the stock parts including the grid heater assembly. It all looks cheap, really, and I can see the airflow restriction it caused. No such thing from the Monster-Ram. The engine can finally breathe! And, there’s no more lag! Power is right there, right when I want it. The truck sounds and feels better. And I don’t have to worry about that bolt dropping into my engine.”