Off the Grid Motorsports

Tommy Lowry: Owner

Tommy Lowry actually started his business Off the Grid Motorsports on a whim, and from its quick start has grown substantially in its 4 short years of existence. Starting off working by himself in an old gas station that could barely fit two cars in it, his company has grown to a 7,500 sq. ft. facility with four techs (in addition to himself).

Tommy worked for another shop for 21 years where he was actually the first person hired there. The original owner was a good friend of Tommy’s and came to rely on his expertise. That owner sold the shop to someone who wasn’t really an enthusiast, and the differences were just too great between Tommy and him. Tommy soon headed out and immediately opened his own shop. “I had already seen the writing on the walls,” says Tommy, “so I was actually preparing for my departure. I had looked into what I’d need to open my own place, so when I was out the door it didn’t take long for me to walk into the door of my own place.”

So why the name ‘Off The Grid Motorsports’? “It’s kind of a joke, actually. The original owner had told me that if I ever wanted to do something on my that he’d like to be involved, but that it needed to be under the table and off the books. So the name was akin to that whole ‘stealth’ thing. I just love the name, plus it goes with the Jeep stuff that we do!”

Off The Grid Motorsports can be best described as a shop that can do almost anything a customer is looking to do to upgrade their Jeep or truck and has even been known for their work on Mustangs. In the past four years, they’ve done 4 SEMA builds, and have built up quite a reputation for their LS engine swaps. Another aspect of their business is spray-on bed-liners, to which they do custom work on just about anything with wheels, as well as boats.

Off The Grid Motorsports
4705 Eagle Cir NW
North Canton, OH 44720
(833) 9-BULLET