No Hesitation for this Tacoma Owner

Mike Wencel is the Shop Manager at Back Country 4X4 in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Just about every employee there is into the off-road culture. They often run the products that they sell on their vehicles. Mike heard about the Banks PedalMonster and decided it might help him with the truck. “I’m originally a Jeep guy,” said Mike, “and I fly fish a lot. I decided to venture into Overlanding, and the Tacoma has always been my dream truck that I could load all my fishing gear into and go camping…something that I can do a little off-roading in. I bought a 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD edition. The problem is that the Tacoma is pretty sluggish. Press the accelerator, and you seem to go nowhere for a long time. I put the Banks PedalMonster on, and the hesitation is gone. It’s instant acceleration.”

“I usually run the PedalMonster in SPORT mode on level 5, but when I’m going off-road to get to my fishing spots, I turn it down the CITY and play with the settings there to get something just right for the environment that I’m in. I like the fact that I use the phone app to quickly adjust it all. I also love the safety features, especially when I put it into reverse and the PedalMonster reverts to normal. It’s features like that that make this product the one to buy!”