New 2019-22 RAM 6.7L Ram-Air Intake

The new Banks Ram-Air Intake for your 2019-2022 RAM feeds the 6.7L Cummins engine cooler, denser air inducted from the exterior of the truck for greater power and fuel economy. The intake offers the highest amount of airflow at the lowest pressure loss. Compared to the rest, it is the only intake able to feed enough air into our Monster-Ram Intake Elbow without causing restrictions.

Utilizing the OEM front Ram-Air funnel to its maximum potential, the Banks Ram-Air removes the factory airbox’s “S” shaped rubber snorkel for a straight shot connection to the front scoop. This reduces restriction and improves air density within the sealed box maximizing power and throttle response at speed. And, its massive filter element has so much surface area that it outflows competitors long after they’re clogged with debris.