Mustang and Tacoma both use iDash

Bill Johnson finds the Banks iDash SuperGauge to be such a great tool that he bought one for each of his vehicles. “I’ve purchased two iDash Super Gauges: one for my 2023 Toyota Tacoma and a second one for my 2021 Ford Mustang 2.3L turbo EcoBoost with the High-Performance Package. These iDash Super Gauges allow me to monitor lots of information and can show up to 8 items on the screen at a time. It also allows me to program custom pages, up to 5, that I can populate with exactly the things I want to see.”

“The iDash Super Gauge in the Mustang installed in a pillar mount, right within my sightline. I’m usually looking at: Ambient Air Temp (AAT), Ambient Air Density (AAD), Intake Air Temp (IAT), Air Fuel Ratio (AFR1), Manifold Air Temp (MAT), Horse Power ECU (HP-ECU), Boost Air Density, (BAD), and Torque ECU (TQ-ECU). The Mustang has a tune on it, so having the ability to monitor extra information is nice.” 

“For the Tacoma, I watch the Engine Coolant Temp (ECT), Manifold Air Density (MAD), Intake Air Temp (IAT), Manifold Air Temp (MAT), and Air Fuel Ratio (AFR). The iDash also gives me control of the PedalMonster, something that really improved the drivability by eliminating the throttle lag, or ‘sponge pedal’ as Banks calls it. I love its built-in safety features, and it delivers real-world results that transform the Tacoma’s 2.7L engine from lackluster acceleration to an engine that accelerates as soon as you step on the pedal.”

“Overall, the iDash Super Gauge is a great device to monitor your engine’s performance and control the Pedal Monster. I highly recommend both! Job well done Banks.”