iDash on a Baby Duramax

Here’s a short but sweet video done by DieselDrax showing his iDash SuperGaugesetup in his 2.8L Duramax-powered Chevy Colorado. The iDash gives him all the information that he wants and allows him to view it how he wants to see. He also quickly goes over how the iDash allows users the ability to create custom screen layouts with parameters that matter to them.

The incredibly versatile iDash SuperGauge and DataMonster go in any vehicle whether it has OBD connectivity or not. Whether you’re towing and want to keep an eye on the exhaust gas temperature, or just driving around town monitoring your boost pressure and various fluid temperatures. iDash allows up to 8 parameters on each of its 5 customizable screens. The iDash is a professional instrument designed for engineering-level evaluation that’s simple enough for anyone to use.