Cooler Oil: Killing a Duramax Part 10

Gale reviews the data from engine dyno pulls using the 2017-2019 stock oil cooler versus the newly installed 2020 unit to see if there’s any magic to the new cooler’s design. The guys also changed out the engine oil from conventional to AMSOIL synthetic, and Gale goes over the differences in runs. He’s going to kill the engine but not just yet. If he can make changes to the external components and increase its power output, he’s going to do it.

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0:00 Intro
01:28 Testing on the dynamometer
4:30 Analyzing iDash data
5:10 Amsoil Synthetic 15w40
7:00 Looking at the data

Installing the new oil cooler.

Cooler Oil

We swap out the stock oil cooler for a new one and synthetic oil because we didn’t want that to kill the Duramax.

Testing on the dynamometer

We make a pull at 600 horsepower and 3,300 RPM and see how all this works.

Analyzing iDash data

Gale grabs the SD card from the iDash DataMonster to crunch the data while Erin swaps out the conventional oil with the Amsoil synthetic oil.

Amsoil Synthetic 15w40

Developed to protect the horsepower diesel enthusiasts crave and extend the life of hard-working commercial equipment in the most severe conditions. Signature Series synthetic technology delivers max-duty protection in on- and off-road applications. The exhaust is absolutely clear.

Looking at the data

Gale gathers both sets of data, from running the engine with conventional and synthetic oils and analyses it.

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