John Wolenski’s 2016 GMC Sierra “White Rhino”

John Wolenski owns a paving company and has a few toys, but his 2016 GMC long-bed Duramax Sierra is the best of the bunch.

“I wanted to build something kinda over the top,” said John, “something that I’ve had the vision of doing to a long-bed for quite some time. The more truck the better!” The problem is that he just couldn’t find one that met his needs. He scoured the state and was basically told that what he was looking for, with the options that he wanted, was nearly impossible to find. He was able to find something out-of-state in Nebraska, so the Colorado native booked a flight to go grab it—only to be told at the last that it was no longer available. Little did John know that both destiny and the truck gods must have intervened, because shortly after John canceled his flight he was contacted by a older gentleman returning his call about the truck that he himself had listed for sale. “The guy told me that I was the only one that had reached out about the truck in the whole time that it was listed, and that was 3 months! The truck had only 31K miles on it, completely stock and babied all of its life, and the guy only wanted $31,000!”

The reason why the fella was selling it was pretty interesting. His wife hated the truck, called it a terrible and embarrassing eyesore. She said that it looked stupid towing their pretty beige trailer, and that she was ashamed to be seen in it. “The guy turned to John and said, “Happy wife, happy life.” John hugged the lady and thanked her for her taste, and bought the truck right then and there. The guy ended up getting a beige dually.

“The truck has a laundry list of upgrades that John had done to it (and all of the work has been wrenched by himself): Kryptonite front end links, Cognito 10-12” lift kit, Kansas leaf springs, Banks boost tube upgradeBanks Monster ExhaustBanks Ram-Air rear differential cover, Fluidamper balancer, and too many modifications to list.”

So how did he come up with the name? “I didn’t want it to be known as just another white truck, because it has way more personality than that. I looked at it—that huge long-bed truck and thought ‘man, this looks like a big white rhino’, and so the name stuck.”

One has to wonder what the original owner’s wife would think of it now. Thanks to Denver Ace Media for the photos!