Jaysen Walker

2018 GMC Denali 3500 L5P Duramax

Jaysen Walker is not only a Banks customer, but he’s a true supporter of the Banks community. So true that his truck has the new differential cover4-inch exhaustDerringeriDash DataMonster… but it goes beyond being pleased with the product that he bought for his then brand-new 2018 GMC Denali, Jaysen is a Banks advocate in the forums.

“I bought everything a couple of years ago after researching on the web for a product that wouldn’t negatively affect my truck,” explains Jaysen. “I was already familiar with Gale Banks growing up seeing him on a lot of the TV shows back in the 2000’s, so it was natural to look up what was available for my truck.” Jaysen did his research comparing it to other like-products on the market. “I think I made the best choice and I’m pretty proud to run Banks products. I’m confident that they’re going to perform as advertised, because the amount of research and development that Banks does is second to none. I know you guys don’t release anything unless it performs the way you intended it to.”

With his genuine like for the product, and both his experience installing and operating it he decided to answer questions that he saw on the forums. “I decided to become helpful on the forums by providing answers for folks who had questions. I just was honest with people and gave them accounts from my own experiences. The important thing is to keep it helpful, give valuable feedback and stay away from anything derogatory.” Jaysen continued, “You can be bothered if something doesn’t go right the first time, but if you just get mad and complain instead of seeking help that just makes it all bad… especially if folks complain and make a pretty big stink without ever trying to get assistance. There’s plenty of people that can help, and I’m happy to be one of them. From my experience as an outsider, the folks at Banks are great at helping when given a chance. You know, every time I’ve seen a problem Banks has taken care of it. That speaks volumes.”