Intercooler Upgrade Chills Ram

To say that Adis Svraka loves his 2003 Dodge Ram 5.9L Diesel with a 6-speed manual would be a gross understatement. But it’s not actually the truck that he’s in love with. Adis is in love with its Cummins engine. “You cannot replace that truck!” exclaims Adis. “I’ll never get rid of it. That engine is pretty much indestructible. You can’t deny how rugged that combo is. I bought the truck from my friend who had it since new, and it’s always been run with AMSOIL. Never a problem with it. It only had a 135K on it when I bought it, now it has about 198K on  the odometer.”

“I tow all kinds of things with it including a toy hauler and 28’ and 40’ goosenecks that I use when I buy forklifts. All in all, I’ve towed upwards of 20,000 pounds with the truck. It’s never backed down from any towing challenge, and it’s always ready for more.”

“My truck isn’t stock. I’ve upgraded quite a bit including the turbo, exhaust, injectors, etc. What drove me to change the intercooler was that since I’m a diesel mechanic I know what high EGTs can do to your engine. If I drove on the freeway at 60 mph I’d have to downshift to 5th gear to keep my EGTs around 1,200°F with a good load. Around that speed, my RPMs sit at like 2,300 and I don’t like that. To me that’s insane. I wanted to get my EGTs down so I went with the Banks Intercooler Upgrade, which came with the Monster-Ram and upgraded boost tubes. It’s been a night and day difference! To test the intercooler, I went out the same route and purposely lugged it in 6th gear to see what would happen. On a day with relatively the same ambient temperature, I got my EGTs to about 1,260°F. When I went down to 5th I was at 900°F! WOW, I couldn’t be happier!”