Injected Motorsports

Hunter Holdridge’s Injected Motorsports was founded in 2017 in a little 1,500 square foot space. Just five years later, increased sales volume and customer builds forced him to find a larger building. His inspiration for starting Injected was that he was tired of making other people money, so he decided to do something for himself. “I’ve always been into trucks,” said Hunter, “and since I use to work on everything myself, I decided to give parts a try as well. It’s worked out pretty well so far. My specialties are lift kits and anything with a Duramax.”

“The most popular things that I sell from Banks are the Ram-Air intakes and the PedalMonster throttle booster. They’re both so simple to install, and have such great results.”

Hunter’s one-man operation means that the customer gets a personal response. And here’s something else that’s a little different about Injected Motorsports: just about every product that Hunter offers has been tested on his or his family’s personal trucks. If it passes the “Hunter test” then he offers it to his customers. 

Injected Motorsports
8470 Loop 570
Wall, TX 76957
(888) 646-5328