iDash Stealth Pod for 2011-2016 Super Duty

R&D is underway for what will be the latest in our quickly growing lineup of iDash Stealth Pods. As seen above, Isaac from Banks’ Mechanical Engineering Team 3-D scans the A-pillar, dashboard, and steering wheel in a 2013 Ford F-350. This allows our design engineers to model the Stealth Pod on the computer. They’ll 3-D print a prototype and test for fitment, sight-line, and ergonomics. And this part is fun, a dozen staffers of various heights will sit in the vehicle, and articulate the seat in every direction to test viewing angles. Once the design is approved, it moves into production. 

Currently available for late-model GM, Ford, RAM, and Jeeps with Toyota on the way, the impressive A-pillar mounts have become an instant hit with existing iDash owners. In fact, the dual pods appear to have inspired hundreds of iDash owners to add an expansion gauge in order to see even more data at a glance. Many have dedicated one iDash for important temps, pressures, speeds, emissions, and more while dedicating the second gauge to controlling and monitoring their Derringer tuner and PedalMonster throttle controller. 

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