iDash for Side-by-Sides?

Due to the popularity of the Side-by-Side market and the amount of requests coming in daily for Banks products to be adapted to these vehicles, the company had no choice but to start development on upcoming parts for the off-road vehicles.

First in the R&D cue is the iDash SuperGauge and DataMonster. Banks engineers are hard at work identifying all the parameter identification (PIDs) being broadcast over the vehicle’s CAN bus. Once the team can see the information being broadcast to and from the vehicle’s electronic control module (ECM), they can sort through and decide what data they’d like to display on the iDash.

Imagine romping up the hills at full throttle and being able to monitor the belt temp, boost pressure, oil temp, coolant temp, and of course Manifold Air Density (MAD). Stay tuned! 

More to come on this and other products. Stay tuned.