Real Reviews: John Ross

John Ross goes by WatchJRgo on YouTube. What started out as a daily motorcycle vlog quickly turned into a popular channel covering all things automotive, truck, and frankly, anything with an engine and wheels.

In a recent interview, JR admitted the dumbest thing he ever did was sell his Nissan Titan. He used the fully loaded Titan to haul parts and bikes around but sold it when he received an offer that was too good to be true. But as soon as the new owner turned the corner he mashed the throttle and the Titan let out its classic 5.6L Endurance V8 growl JR had seller’s remorse. Not soon after he found a cheap replacement, a $2500 Titan LE that was beat up from the feat up. It had been used and abused by a company specializing in disaster relief. But since his YouTube channel had become a place where he shows fans how to bring vehicles back to life, it was the perfect project.

JR’s first call was to Banks. He wanted to get rid of the straight-piped exhaust and ditch the stock intake. He wanted the growl, but with some actual performance.

It may surprise you that Banks offers parts for select Titans, Frontiers as well as Toyota Tundras and Tacomas.

Watch the video to find out just how must JR likes his new intake and exhaust.