Great things come in small packages

I get excited about every new Banks Power product, but I think we’ve outdone ourselves with our latest digital gauge. We call it the MMI 1.8 iDash (MMI = Man Machine Interface). The team and I have been calling it the “super gauge” because really, that’s what it is. This gauge, and “gauge” is really an understatement because it does so much than any other gauge on the market, will meet all your needs.

First, it works with ALL vehicles 2008 and newer, as it connects directly to the OBD-II. It will also work with many 2003 – 2008 vehicles (that database will be posted to our website soon). It has data logging capability via a microSD card, which you can turn on and off with one button – while you drive. It will have the ability to read and display “Manifold Air Density” or as I say, MAD. You can read why that is so important here: Gale Banks goes MAD.

You can display between two and five user-selected data readings per gauge. “Per gauge” is important because you can daisy chain up to three gauges. This means you can have up to 15 separate user-defined data readings per vehicle. A typical vehicle can Data Log 20 or more user-selected pieces of information, whether they are displayed on the gauge(s) or not.

But wait, there’s more:

·      Reads and clears diagnostic codes (DTC)

·      Standard 52mm / 2 1/16 Form Factor – 1.8” Color LCD Display

·      4 Button Interface

·      User programmable warnings and alerts – speed, rpm, temp, and more

·      Controls Banks tuner power levels

·      Display Banks bus module data

·      Auto Dimming Feature

·      Easy firmware updates via microSD card

·      Enhanced Data Support for Jeep 3.8L, Ford EcoBoost, 6.7L Power Stroke, and more

I hope you are starting to appreciate why I’m so excited. Whether you use Data Logging or not, the amount of information and the type of information you can read in your race car, street car, diesel truck, or even granny’s grocery getter is phenomenal. And you know what they say… information is knowledge, and knowledge is power. This gauge will be the next must-have item – and you can have one – starting next month.

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