GM Authority Recognizes Diesel Authority

Internet site GM Authority recently wrote about Gale Banks’ video series “Killing a Duramax,” where the test Duramax L5P made 912 horsepower and 1,389 pound-feet of torque running completely with stock internals. As the article points out, those power numbers that Banks attained is a 467 hp jump over the stock numbers and 479 lb-ft of extra torque. Both the YouTube video and GM Authority’s article are great jumping-on points for the next chapter in the pursuit of power, and the breaking point, where the Banks team sees the swap of the stock cam for a prototype performance cam from Comp Cams. Get caught up on what’s going on before the next power plateau is reached… or if it blows and oil start painting the dyno’s walls.

Read the article here:
Banks Power Tunes L5P V8 Duramax Engine To 912 Horsepower: Video