Custom 8-lug Axle! | BANKS BUILT Ep 6

On this episode of Banks Built, we go over to Strange Engineering to build a custom 8-lug axle. A truly rare and strange sight in the hot rod world. The Banks crew goes to Illinois to see how Strange our Chevy can get.

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Strange History
01:17 8-lug challenges
04:52 Full-floating hub explanation
06:33 Manufacturing plant tour
08:36 Assembling center housings
09:12 Ring and pinions
10:47 Eaton Truetrac
12:27 Episode 7 preview

Keeping our ’66 Chevy C20 3/4-ton pickup an 8-lug has been tougher than we expected. We did some research and discovered there are simply no off-the-shelf 8-lug axles available, especially ones that will accommodate a Watt’s link and our Roadster Shop chassis specs. We simply weren’t willing to go from 8 to 5-lug so we took a trip to Strange Engineering​ to see if they’d create a custom 9″ 8-lug full-floating rear axle.

On the next episode, Jay and Erik drive LokJaw, or attempt to, all the way to KibbeTech Off-Road. Will they make it? The cabin of the truck is equipped with a fire extinguisher before they take off for their epic journey. Subscribe to our YouTube page to keep up with the build!